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Choosing to become a member of a church isn’t a decision you should make lightly – it’ll be your spiritual home, where you grow, learn and are challenged to become more like Christ. If you’ve decided to become a member of Shofar, we can’t wait to welcome you! The process is pretty straightforward.

get connected

Head to your local congregation for Sunday services and join a small group in your area. It’s where church becomes real – filled with all the love, joy and challenges of living life together. If you haven’t met them yet, introduce yourself to the pastor of your congregation – they’d love to meet you!

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become informed

During Encounter One, which is part of our Encounter Series, and the New Members Event, you’ll find out all about who we are as a church family and what we believe about things like baptism and salvation. Each congregation runs the Encounter Series and New Members Events, so contact your church to find out when the next one is happening. It’s a great opportunity to meet others, ask all your questions and meet your local leaders.

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believe in Jesus

In order to become a member of Shofar, you need to believe in the saving grace of God and the repentance of sin. If you’d like to know exactly what we believe, read through our statement of faith. (This is what you’ll be saying you believe when you choose to become a member.) We believe that baptism is a vital step in our journey of faith. You don’t need to be baptised to become a member, but we do ask that you commit to being baptised as soon as possible.

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commit to church

Once you’re ready to become a member, you will need to sign our membership form, a document which states that you’re choosing to plant yourself in this church family, to serve, care and believe in a community of Christians. You’ll have an opportunity to sign it at Encounter One.

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