ShofarBand’s latest album, ‘Behold’, turns our gaze to God

ShofarBand’s latest album, ‘Behold’, turns our gaze to God

ShofarBand’s latest album ‘Behold’ turns our gaze to God

After the release of their previous album, We Won’t Be Afraid, Shofarband felt God clearly tell them to start a School of Worship, asking them, “What does worship that’s in Spirit and truth actually look like?” For two years they took a break from writing songs to wait on God, realign their hearts with His and have this conversation with hundreds of worshippers from many different church backgrounds and nations.

The album Behold, released in July 2018, is a product of this journey of drawing near to God, slowing down and beholding who He is. Shofarband set out to produce music that would put all the focus on Christ and put the Word in people’s mouths.

The band says, “Behold is about God’s children as a community bringing worship that’s inspired by His Spirit and established in His Word. We wanted songs that are soaked in Scripture.”

It is an invitation to turn our gaze away from all the other things that compete for our attention, set aside boxes and previous experiences of worship and behold Him – in His glory, majesty, power and holiness. To learn to become present to Him.

“For now, we see and know in part. There will come a day when we see and know Him fully and worship Him perfectly, but until then He invites us to behold Him so that our understanding and thus our worship moves closer to a revelation of who He really is.”

Thanks to a crowdfund that covered the production costs, the album is available to download for free on Noisetrade by anyone, anywhere. It can also be bought/streamed on Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play. Songs from Behold have already been streamed about 250 000 times.

Convergence 2019 – Save the date!

Convergence 2019 – Save the date!

Convergence 2019: 6-8 SEPTEMBER

Save the date!

We are looking forward to some fantastic speakers and spending time together as a church family in God’s presence, focusing on our theme for the year: The Sound of the Harvest.

This year the Shofar Conference will be hosted at two separate venues – one in Gauteng and one in the Western Cape, which will make attending Convergence a lot more feasible for many people by reducing the time and costs of travelling.

Save the date and join us on 6-8 September 2019. Registrations will open soon.

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