Welcome to Shofar Graaff Reinet

Now is the time to be the Church!
We’re an active fellowship of believers that enjoy living life together, growing in faith, learning about God and working to see His kingdom come in our families and communities. We invite you to build the kingdom with us in Graaff-Reinet.

Pieter Greeff

082 403 2728 graaffreinet@shofaronline.org

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Oggend Diens
Profcon Resort, 88 Somerset St, Graaff-Reinet, South Africa

Church Office Address
Profcon Resort, 88 Somerset St, Graaff-Reinet


Giving tithes and offerings is one of the ways we worship God: a thankful response to His faithfulness.
If you would like to partner with us financially, please make use of the details below.

Bank Besonderhede

Shofar Graaff-Reinet
Branch code: 198765
Account No.: 1105752259