Kids Conference

We are excited to have your children at Convergence ‘Kids’ Conference 2019.
We are trusting that the children will leave the Conference having had a transforming encounter with God and with some practical tools to live and share their faith in Christ.

1. What age groups do you cater for?

Mothers Room (0-1-year old’s):
This space is on the lower level adjacent to the main auditorium. Here we accommodate mommies and their babies and if necessary, Daddies are also welcome. Dads will however need to be considerate of nursing mommies and limited space to sit. We do understand that at times families will want to be together or that parents want to take turns to be with the baby, so you are welcome to do so.
This space will have a coffee station, private spaces to nurse and changing stations.
Please insure you have everything else your baby may need for the weekend.

Toddler Room (1-3-year old’s):
The Toddler Room is situated upstairs. Here we accommodate parents and their 1 to 3-year-old children. Each child must be accompanied by at least one of his or her parents. In the past parents have also registered nannies to assist them for the weekend. We however will not have child minders there to take care of your child. There will be a live stream so parents will be able to follow the sermons from the toddler room. We are working as creatively with the space as possible to create a peaceful atmosphere for you and your child. We would appreciate it if all the adults would be considerate of those wanting to follow the sermons and not engage in conversations during the sessions with other parents.
This venue will have a coffee station, changing stations, a private space to nurse as well as toys and age appropriate activities for the little ones. Please ensure that you bring everything else your child may need during the weekend (food, blankets etc.)

Pre-School (4-6-year old’s):
The Pre-School venue is situated upstairs. Here we accommodate children that are between the ages of 4 and 6. Parents are welcome to leave their child in the care of the team of volunteers who have prepared an eventful and purposeful weekend for your child. We have a riveting puppet show series that will kick start each session followed by worship and amazing arts and crafts that consolidate the theme of each lesson.

Big Kids (Grade 1 -7):
The ‘Big Kids’ will be hosted in the main hall of the Kids church upstairs. Here we will accommodate Grade 1 to Grade 7 learners. In this space children will be led in worship, be challenged with wonderful object lessons on the fundamentals of their faith and receive practical tools on how to live and share their Christian Faith.
The children will be facilitated in smaller groups which will be divided according to age groups, worship and many teachings will however take place in a big group context.

2. Will I or my spouse need to stay with our child during the sessions?

For both the Mothers Room and the Toddler Room at least one parent must be present. For the Pre-School and ‘Big Kids’ group you are encouraged to drop your child and enjoy the session in the main auditorium.

3. Will my child be fed at the conference?

No, your child will not receive breakfast, lunch or supper at the conference. This remains your responsibility between the sessions. We however will always have water available for your child in all the Kiddies Venues. The odd treat will also be given but this will be kept to the bare minimum.

4. Medical care?

We will have doctors on sight and on call throughout the weekend.

5. Can my husband join me in the Mothers Room and/or Toddler Room

We understand that families may want to stay together during the conference or take turns looking after the little ones. We therefore don’t mind that both parents are in the toddler room or mother’s room. We however ask that the Daddies be sensitive and considerate towards the nursing mommies and should a venue become over full that one of the parents would consider sitting in the main auditorium. We however endeavor to make all the venues comfortable and family friendly.

6. Can siblings stay together during the sessions?

We would like to encourage parents to keep their children in the allocated age groups as we have gone to lots of effort to make each group full of age appropriate content that we believe will make a positive impact on your child’s life. Our volunteers are also prepared and trained to cater for the needs of a specific age group and having a younger or older child in the group can be very disruptive. We however want you to rather contact us should you feel strongly about having your child join another group.

7. What to expect from the venue?

The Refinery – New Generation Church has a beautiful Children’s Church venue and we are spoilt to have the use of it for the weekend. As you walk into the church you are immediately greeted by a beautiful staircase leading up the Children’s Church venues. Signage will be clear, and we encourage only parents and children to go upstairs for safety and to avoid unnecessary traffic up and down the stairs. At the top of the stairs you are greeted with three very spacious venues. To your left is the Main Children’s Church Auditorium where we will host the ‘Big Kids’. The venue adjacent to it is a lovely spacious Toddler Room and to the right there is a splendid Pre-School Room that is bright and paradise for any little heart.

8. When will I be able to drop my child off?

We will be ready to receive your child 20 min before the session start. They will be able to play during that time as the formalities of the Kids Conference will kick start at the same times as the adult sessions. Each session will require you to sign your child in.

9. When must I pick my child up?

It is vital that you come pick your child up at the end of each session promptly. Should you need ministry after a session please send your spouse to collect your child or at the very least send a friend to let us know you will be on your way shortly. We need to consider the effort being put in by all the volunteers and that preparation time is needed to prepare for the next session. We will not let your child leave in anyone other that your care and your must sign your child out after each session.

10. Should I pack my child snacks and something to drink?

We recommend that you don’t send anything extra with your child. We will always have water available and treats will also be part of the program. The breaks in between sessions are there for you to spend time together as a family, eat together and make sure everyone goes to the toilet. We would like to avoid children getting upset about losing items or not having what their friend has.
On the first night however, you may want to bring a pillow and a blanket along for Pre-Schools and younger should your child want to lie down if the evening gets late.

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