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We are a family of 5, our daughter Mieke is 9yrs old, Aziel is 2yrs old, a sunshine- full of adventure, love and laughter kind of child, and Joshua is 11months old. We love the Lord and Jesus is our hope!

On the 14th of November 2017 when I arrived home from work, I asked where Aziel is, nobody knew. I ran to the swimming pool to find the gate open and Aziel lying in the deep end at the bottom of the pool. I dove him out and we rushed to the hospital which is 5 min away, attempting CPR in the car. He was blue and lifeless. He had been in the pool for anything between 20-40 minutes. At the hospital, they continued with CPR and after 2 hours his heart started beating again. God gave him life again. The doctors were not convinced that he would make it through the night as he had seizures, fixed and dilated pupils, internal bleeding etc. The next day he was airlifted to Garden City hospital where renowned paediatric intensivist Dr Bartlett told us that Aziel is over the 95% risk category for death. He said the chances of him surviving are almost zero. After a very bumpy road in ICU God pulled Aziel through with countless miracles. God did the impossible EVERY time. We are now in a rehabilitation hospital for the next leg of his recovery journey. Aziel is recovering slowly, he is able to breathe on his own and his medication has decreased a lot. His eyes are starting to respond at times and he responds to touch. Aziel’s neurologist has said that Aziel has done remarkably well considering his history, his recovery is promising. His brain got really hurt and the journey is a slow and long one, BUT he has had the odds against him since the start, nothing is too hard for God…

We are hopeful. During this time of recovery Aziel has need of specialized equipment, modified feeds, medication and care, the cost for these are quite extensive, hence the request for help. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and support. God is faithful.

* If your donation is in excess of R50 000, please email Handre at handre.verreynne@gmail.com to make an alternate arrangement for the donation. To request a Section 18(A) tax certificate, email johann.hunter@shofaronline.org with your ID number, physical address and postal address.

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