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Help Us Make Shofar Stable Ministries HOME


Pastor Morris van Zyl founded Stable Ministries in 2003 for a group of Zimbabwean Christians who worked for his construction company. They were in need of shelter during a torrent of Xenophobia that overwhelmed the townships during that time. Later in 2010, after much resistance from the community committee in the area, they eventually went on to build a church on the property.

The need for employment opportunities grew under the local women and they started caring for babies from their homes. Pastor Morris identified the need for a crèche and started it up with 6 children in the church building. During this time, Pastor Morris developed a close relationship with the leadership of Shofar Somerset West and felt led to submit the vision and legacy of the work there to the guardianship of Shofar, with the request that it will be in safe hands should anything happen to him. A few weeks later, at the end of 2012 after a tragic work accident, he passed away and went to be with the Lord. In honour of his request, Kibwe Kids under the guidance of Shofar Somerset West went on to buy the property to ensure the continuation of the work started in the community.

Today, the church and school have become a haven for many in the local Nomzamo community and forms a stable, safe platform from which they can reach out to the people. The crèche has grown to over 40 children and provide employment to three teachers. Every Sunday there are between 120 and 150 adults, young people and children gathering for worship services. A vibrant soccer team reaches out to local youngsters and the premises are used to store goods used during disaster relief. The church building is also being used to present after school classes to the children of a local orphanage and congregation members from Shofar Somerset West are giving extra lessons to the high school youth of the church community in Nomzamo.

Together, our aim for 2018 as Shofar Somerset West is to help the local community who now run and steward Shofar Stable Ministries to purchase the property from Kibwe Kids and continue the work from within their own community. Kibwe Kids will continue their mandate to care for the orphans with a more focused strategy on creating healthy foster environments and homes for the orphans, fulfilling their call as an NGO.

We ask our church family to help the community of Nomzamo by contributing funds towards the purchase of their property, in order for us to empower them in the vision and purpose for their church and community.

  • R 61 920.00 of R 120 000.00 raised 51.60% 51.60%