SI – Amplified Youth Pastor Training

SI – Amplified Youth Pastor Training

SI – Amplified Youth Pastor Training

June 5, 2018

SI Short Course

Amplified Youth Pastor Training

Pastors Anton Myburgh, Sias le Roux and Anshon Carolus share the practical and inspiring lessons they’ve learned over many years of youth ministry. This course will equip youth pastors and leaders in topics like:

– How to get started
– Different types of youth gatherings (services, camps, regional events, etc)
– Relating to and empowering the next generation
– Discipling youth
– Growing as a youth leader
– Reaching youth in different communities

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Course Topics

Session 1 free
Key Principles for Youth by Anton Myburgh
(run-time 01:01:32)

Session 2 free
How To Organise Different Youth Gatherings by Anton Myburgh
(run-time 00:30:07)

Session 3 free
How To Start A Youth Ministry by Anton Myburgh
(run-time 01:29:35)

Session 4 free
How To Reach The Next Generation by Sias le Roux
(run-time 00:51:15)

Session 5 free
How To Disciple Youth by Anshon Carolus
(run-time 00:32:34)

Session 6 free
How To Be An Effective Youth Leader by Anshon Carolus
(run-time 02:07:11)

Session 7 free
How To Reach Community Youth by Anshon Carolus
(run-time 00:46:32)

Session 1 – 7 free!

Amplified Youth Pastor Training

by Anton Myburgh, Sias le Roux & Anshon Carolus

(7 sessions)