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School of Worship

In a culture of bright lights, celebrity bands, and big stages, do we really know what true worship is? What does it look like? What does it sound like? Join us on a journey of becoming the kind of worshippers the Father seeks.

The School of Worship is an initiative of ShofarBand and the aim is to raise up worshipping musicians and singers.

This online course is a 18-part series for up to 2 people including a comprehensive journal. Modules include Songwriting, Theology of Worship, Prophetic Creative Ministry, Facilitating Worship and more.

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Course Topics

Session 1 free
Tabernacle of David by Richard Wade
(run-time 00:46:03)

Session 2
Tabernacle of David by Greg Boy
(run-time 00:40:46)

Session 3 free
Theology of Worship 1 by Hennie Swart
(run-time 00:44:25)

Session 4 free
Theology of Worship 2 by Hennie Swart
(run-time 00:44:52)

Session 5
Praise Team Culture 1 by James Pringle
(run-time 00:46:33)

Session 6
Praise Team Culture 2 by Jolande Jardim
(run-time 00:32:56)

Session 7
Facilitating Worship 1 by Annerie Logan
(run-time 00:42:53)

Session 8 free
Facilitating Worship 1 by James Pringle
(run-time 00:46:09)

Session 9
Prophetic Creative Ministry 1 by Robert Kellerman
(run-time 00:42:28)

Session 10
Prophetic Creative Ministry 1 by Liana Dachner
(run-time 00:46:30)

Session 11
Songwriting 1 by Richard Wade
(run-time 00:43:13)

Session 12 free
Songwriting 2 by Greg Boy
(run-time 00:42:55)

Session 13
Basics of Sound by Reinhart Fourie
(run-time 00:30:20)

Session 14
Audio Recording by Richard Wade
(run-time 00:45:08)

Session 15
Applied Music Theory 1 by Neil Smit
(run-time 00:38:18)

Session 16
Applied Music Theory 2 by Christo Viljoen
(run-time 00:48:47)

Session 17
Prophetic Creative Ministry 1 by Liana Dachner
(run-time 00:46:40)

Session 18
Fullness of Glory by Fred May
(run-time 00:49:37)

Session 19
Church as a Prophetic Community by Fred May
(run-time 00:49:37)

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Session 1 free!

Tabernacle of David

by Richard Wade

(1 session)

Session 3 & 4 free!

Theology of Worship

by Hennie Swart

(2 sessions)

Session 8 free!

Facilitating Worship 2

by James Pringle

(1 session)

Session 12 free!

Songwriting 2

by Greg Boy

(1 session)

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