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The Bible talks about different types of monetary giving, all of which form part of the stewardship that God has given us over our finances and possessions.


The word tithe literally means ‘a tenth’. In the Old Testament the Jewish nation honoured God with what they had, giving Him the ‘first fruit’ of everything they raised, grew or earned. The New Testament confirms this principle, and we continue to honour God in this way, declaring that our possessions are not our own, but His, and that we commit to steward them well.

In accordance with this principle, church members give a tenth of their income to the ‘storehouse’, the church. This includes pastors and staff, whose tithes go into our church planting fund. We use these finances to fund what we do to build God’s kingdom.

Whether we tithe or not is a good benchmark of our commitment to church and everyone who becomes a member of Shofar is asked to tithe in their local church. Visit your congregation’s page if you’d like the bank details of your congregation.

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Offerings are different to tithes in that we give them over and above our tenths, often during the offering during a Sunday service2 Corinthians 9:7 says that each one of us should ‘give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity’ and we believe that there is a blessing, not only in making finances available for the building of God’s kingdom, but in the principle of giving freely.

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When we give to the poor, it’s known as alms and as a church family we have many opportunities to support those who are working to alleviate poverty. The Cyrus Trust is the platform through which we manage and support a wide range of non-profit organisations.

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bank details

Our main office has several different bank accounts for various purposes, so please make sure that you choose the right one.


If you’re looking for the bank details of your local congregation, please select it here.


Account Name: Shofar Institute
Bank: Nedbank
Branch: Stellenbosch
Branch Code: 198765
Acc No.: 1192 003 551
Funds will be used for ministry development and training costs. For more info about Shofar Institute visit

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