Shofar George Testimonies

In September 2023 at Shofar George, we had a month focused on Healing. Not only did we want to teach on the topic of healing, but we also put our faith out to experience supernatural healing throughout the month. We had Chuck Parry with us as well. He is the director of the healing rooms at Bethel in Redding, California. 

Here are a few testimonies of people who experienced the hand of God during this month:

“God healed our baby son of extreme stomach cramps after he needed to take antibiotics twice at a very young age of around 7 and 9 weeks. He had episodes of hysterical crying and we struggled to calm him. Pain medicine didn’t really have a significant effect on calming him either. After the service, Hanneke announced that she felt that someone needed healing of stomach cramps. I took him to the front, she prayed for him, and he has been his peaceful self without those extreme crying episodes since. Praise God. He is so good and gracious and kind. Our entire household is so grateful for this as we can spend more quality time with our older two kids now and my husband and I also get time together, although short, it at least exists now. God is so interested in our heart’s desires when they align with what is close to His heart. All honour to God!”

“I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and needed surgery on both hands. On Sunday morning and Monday evening, at the Chuck Parry services, I received prayer, and the tightness in both my thumb joints has eased up more and more. Two different people who prayed for me said they saw my hands open and extended. I also felt immense heat on my right hand (the hand that was worse) twice when I was prayed for. I trust God for 100% healing, and no surgery is needed.”  

“The pelvic area of my back has been very sore for a long time after I suffered a terrible illness. My energy has been completely drained.  When I was being prayed for, I not only prayed for healing of my back but also for restoration of my life and energy. My back is healed, and my energy and mood have lifted.  My focus is on the blue sky that shows God’s peace and love after a great storm has passed.”

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