What You Need to Know About Disability in the Church

by Christelle Myburgh and Toni Mould “According to the World Health Survey around 785 million (15.6%) persons 15 years and older live with a disability, while the Global Burden of Disease estimates a figure of around 975 million (19.4%) persons. Of these, the World Health Survey estimates that 110 million people (2.2%) have very significant … Read more

Is Women’s Ministry Worth the Pursuit?

by Christelle Myburgh Awaken Women’s Ministry champion I am truly grateful for another God-given year where we as women of God can grow together. We are continuously being conformed to His image; the irresistible charm of a kind and gentle nature! In our pursuit of Being One, sixty-two Shofar leader ladies (representing SA, Namibia and … Read more

The Awaken Journey

by Christelle Myburgh The Awaken Women’s Conferences in Stellenbosch, Johannesburg and Swakopmund became an annual highlight for numerous women in South Africa and Namibia over the past five years. Countless testimonies of healing, restoration, deliverance and empowerment resonated after each gathering. Consequently, it was a challenging test of obedience to God when He led us … Read more

awaken 2015 | beautiful story

by Christelle Myburgh   It’s a story that’s as old as time itself. Ever-expanding, unfolding through the ages, resurrecting the hopeless, loving the destitute and redeeming the lost. It’s a story that’s written and rewritten daily, in living words, on the hearts of people. And we carry that story, each one of us reflecting His … Read more