New Shofar Church Venues

We are so thankful for God’s provision that enabled us to invest in some new properties despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Shofar Somerset West and Support Centre: In 2021, Shofar Somerset West and Shofar Support Centre acquired a guest house consisting of two properties on the Main Road of Somerset West. The one … Read more

Christians and the Covid-19 vaccine debate

Are we puffed up with knowledge, or do we build up with love? By Andries van der Merwe, Amo O’Kennedy, Phillip Boshoff, and Heinrich Titus   The controversy surrounding Covid-19 vaccines has turned families and friends against each other, and social media into a battlefield. You are either for or against the vaccines, with very … Read more

A Life of Prayer

A Life of Prayer by Hennie Swart Prayer is the universal language. Everyone admits to praying sometimes, even those who don’t intend to or don’t even believe in God. It is near impossible for dependent human beings who cannot control everything to consistently “suppress the truth” about God, which “God has shown… to them” (Rom … Read more

Protecting The Best Interest of Our Children

by Cause For Justice On 12 May, the Sunday Times published an article on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) that led to public outrage concerning claims such as “children as young as nine years old will learn about masturbation when new life orientation textbooks are rolled out next year.” In response, the Department of Basic Education … Read more

The Encounter Series

by André Kruger Shofar East London We are excited to introduce the new Shofar Encounter Series with a fresh look, updated content, and a big focus on each participant encountering the love of God. The previous Foundation series served us faithfully over the years, but was in need of an update. The new Encounters are … Read more

Shofar’s first church building project

  It’s where the harsh Namib Desert meets the cold Atlantic Ocean. A unique town – unique in weather, unique in history, unique in this country. A place that people flock to for refreshing. Swakopmund! So much of this town is a reflection of what the church is called to be: A beacon of hope, … Read more

Shofar Pastors Summit 2019

by Rick Bornman Shofar Worcester In early July, Shofar pastors and their families gathered in the Western Cape for a blessed time together – challenging, inspiring, and ministering to one another The “sound of the harvest” is becoming louder. We discern the urgent voice of the Lord of the Harvest instructing us to prepare to … Read more

Empowered21 gathering Believers in Jerusalem

by Shofar Global We are excited to announce that one of our affiliates, Empowered21, is inviting you to Jerusalem2020, a global gathering of Spirit-empowered Believers, during the week of Pentecost 2020 (31 May – 3 June 2020). Come experience the Holy Land and celebrate what the Holy Spirit is doing around the world. Experience a … Read more

The Power of a Thankful Heart

by Francine Prins Editor of the Christian magazine LiG “No woman has ever killed her husband while he was doing the dishes…” Can you relate? This joke would probably have hit home if you’ve ever had to do dishes, whether you’re married or not. Those no-brainer, boring, endless tasks… if someone helped you with those … Read more

The Heart of the Matter

by HEINRICH TITUS Senior Pastor of Shofar Christian Church At the recent Pastors Summit, we spoke about church growth with the assurance that God is always into growth. He loves growth, it’s a natural outflow of life. Wherever there is life, there is growth. Church doesn’t only happen on a Sunday, but Sundays are important, … Read more

Convergence Speakers 2019

by Shofar Global   Rick Rusaw Rick Rusaw is an author and regular international speaker at both church and business conferences, including previous Convergence conferences. For Rick the two great commands of Jesus – to love God with all of our beings and love our neighbours as ourselves – are at the very heart of … Read more

Heroes of the Bible/Helde van die Bybel

Noah’s ark. Abraham’s faith. Joseph’s dreams. Joshua, Deborah and Gideon’s courage. These larger-than-life figures’ stories come alive in Alida Bornman’s children’s book Heroes of the Bible, which is now going for its second print after its release last year. Vividly illustrated by Lenka Cronjé, the book chronicles the stories of true heroes who trusted in … Read more

ShofarBand’s latest album, ‘Behold’, turns our gaze to God

After the release of their previous album, We Won’t Be Afraid, Shofarband felt God clearly tell them to start a School of Worship, asking them, “What does worship that’s in Spirit and truth actually look like?” For two years they took a break from writing songs to wait on God, realign their hearts with His … Read more