Help! I Want to Read the Bible | Ministering God’s Word to yourself

by Lieschen Venter When we think of cross-cultural ministry, we normally think of how we are to translate the Gospel for some foreign tribe in a far-away land. But have you ever considered that you might need to minister cross-culturally to yourself? We grow easily familiar with the Bible and we forget what a radically … Read more

Why Worship?

by Tamsyn Teppler Shofar HQ Music Coordinator Shofar Institute is currently in the process of revising the First Year Bible School modules. So we asked some of our contributors to share a bit about the modules they are working on. One of the first year modules being revised is Praise & Worship 101 – a … Read more

Parenting in the Last Days

by Alida Bornman Children’s Ministry champion “When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.” Isaiah 59:19 There is no doubt that the enemy is coming for our children and that he is coming hard and fast. They are bombarded with: Broken families Media: … Read more

Sons and Daughters in the House: Serving as an expression of acceptance

by Tosca Ferndale Volunteer Coordinator, Shofar Stellenbosch February was Activate Month – a month in which our churches presented the various opportunities for congregation members to get involved in ministries and services. As we come to the end of the month, we asked Tosca to share about why we serve in church. All who desire … Read more

Bible School: Looking ahead to 2017

By Shofar Institute Bible School Team Thank you! We want to thank you for making 2016 a year of great growth for Shofar Bible School. We had 24 campuses running with more than 1000 students completing their courses this year. Your contribution, whether you completed a course or ensured that someone else could, really shows … Read more

Shofar Headquarters has moved

by Hercules Opperman For many years, the Shofar Headquarters had found a home at the Oude Molen Campus in Stellenbosch. For our staff and members, this had been “our” destination to connect with the church leaders and Shofar family. Every conference, training opportunity and meeting brought precious memories of the vibrant growth of the vision … Read more

Building our online community

by Jan-Cor Brink As a church, our main focus is to reach nations and generations through disciple-making, leadership development, and church planting. With the growth of our congregations over the past few years, we now have the challenge and responsibility of cultivating and maintaining a relationship with each individual and keeping them connected to our … Read more

Launching our residential campus

by Hercules Opperman Shofar Institute will be presenting our residential Ministry Training Programme (previously known as Shofar Internship – see Shofar internship article 2016), starting January 2017! We’ve renamed the programme in order to distinguish it from our Shofar internship programmes running concurrently at our various churches. The programme no longer resembles a gap year, but … Read more

ask the pastor | i can only do one church ‘thing’ – what should I choose?

In our Ask the Pastor series we ask questions about being Christians, church members and family. Sias le Roux from Shofar Stellenbosch and André Kruger from Shofar East London answer, “I can only do one extra church ‘thing’ apart from Sunday services and small group. What should I choose?” can’t be loaded because JavaScript is … Read more

ask the pastor | how can I reach the nations?

In our Ask the Pastor series we ask questions about being Christians, church members and family. Heinrich Titus from Shofar Somerset West and Theuns Jacobs from Shofar Cape Town answer, “How can I, as an average church member, reach the nations?” can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: ask the pastor heinrich & theuns … Read more

ask the pastor | how do I become connected in church?

In our Ask the Pastor series we’ve asked questions about being Christians, church members and family. Ross van Niekerk from Shofar Durbanville and Anton Myburgh from Shofar’s head office answer, “How do I become connected in church?” can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: ask the pastor ross & anton (