Parenting in the Last Days

by Alida Bornman
Children’s Ministry champion

“When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.” Isaiah 59:19

There is no doubt that the enemy is coming for our children and that he is coming hard and fast. They are bombarded with:

  • Broken families
  • Media: advertisements, TV and social media
  • A selfish generation: people who lack respect, honour and loyalty
  • Attack on institutions: such as marriage and church

Therefore I believe, as every year comes, we as parents should be more focused in prayer, more equipped and trained to disciple the next generation to STAND. The promise clearly states that the Spirit of the Lord will raise the standard. I find it hard to let go of my control over my children and allow the Holy Spirit to work in them. I need to move to a new level of faith where, like Abraham and Hannah, I surrender my offspring to Him completely. The example we set, as parents and adults in our communities, should be one of taking up our cross daily with joy, having fellowship with God’s Spirit! One of the roaring plans the enemy has is to lead our children to a religious spirit where they will not find Jesus and life when the time comes for them to fly from our nests.

In Shofar’s Children’s Ministry we want to partner with parents in this gigantic task of discipling their children. We want to help parents by equipping them, teaching them and their children, praying for their families and planting seeds into their children’s lives when we serve them on a Sunday.

Our global theme for the year, Being One, is crucial for children as well. They need to know that we belong to God’s Kingdom and His church. We are family, we are one. We belong.

In our selfish narcissistic society children should be taught how to serve. How to look outward. How to give. How to wait. How to honour. This is the focus of our prayers and planning for the first part of this year: so that they can be the feet of Jesus, no matter what their age.

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