Bible School: Looking ahead to 2017

By Shofar Institute Bible School Team

Thank you!

We want to thank you for making 2016 a year of great growth for Shofar Bible School. We had 24 campuses running with more than 1000 students completing their courses this year. Your contribution, whether you completed a course or ensured that someone else could, really shows that we are pursuing together that for which Christ has laid hold of us. We are truly thankful for everyone who has put their hand to the plough in order to see more of “God’s Word in your world” wherever God has given us the opportunity.

2017 course news

Exciting news for 2017 is that all campuses will be presenting the yearly courses as two semester courses, thus allowing for a second intake of students during the year. This way, we trust that we will be able to accommodate more people, especially those that have difficult schedules or can only commit for limited periods of time. This will also give our campuses the option to present a semester course over a year, allowing them more time to work through the modules. The semester course content is very similar to what has been previously presented, but we have added new reflective questions to each module.
Reflective sessions: “As a man thinketh, so is he”

The reflective sessions, which we are very excited about, aim to establish common ground between the student and the teacher. We trust that these questions and sessions will enable you to experience head-knowledge becoming heart-knowledge and subsequently applied-knowledge. Furthermore, we hope that you will also be able to personally see the formation of a well-rounded Christian character.
Here’s a taster for you: How can you discern the difference between the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the conviction of your own emotions/conscience?

Looking ahead

We’re in the process of reviewing Bible School 1 and 2 – identifying modules that need revision and new modules that need development. In addition, the courses will be structured to allow more time for class interaction and engagement, with short video teachings followed by facilitative questions, discussions and group activities. So be sure to watch this space for more info on the launch of the new Bible School curriculum!

Registrations for 2017

Our campuses are getting ready for 2017 and all online registrations will be available via the Shofar Online Store by latest 4 January 2017. If you have completed any of the Bible School 2016 courses, be sure to enroll for the next Bible School course and get involved at your campus in 2017.

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  1. Good morning,

    I have started doing Bible School in George. I find it very insightful and enjoy this course very much. I just need some administrative clarification. Is this course accredited?


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