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ask the pastor | how can I support my pastor?

ask the pastor | how can I support my pastor?

In our Ask the Pastor series we ask questions about being Christians, church members and family. Carlos Moses from Shofar Worcester and Phillip Boshoff from Shofar Pretoria answer, “How can I support my pastor?”



  1. Juanita

    What are the requurements to become a member of Shofar?

    • shofar media

      Dear Juanita,

      If you’d like to know more about the basics of our faith and what we believe about the role of the church, you’re welcome to attend our Encounter 1 and Encounter 2 seminars at a local Shofar. Also check out our statement of faith here: https://shofaronline.org/what-we-believe/. After attending Encounter 2, we give people an opportunity to join as members at a Membership Event where we discuss the Shofar movement and our statement of faith in more detail.

      If you let us know in which area you are we can get the local pastor to make contact with you?

      Hope this was helpful.


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