ShofarBand’s latest album, ‘Behold’, turns our gaze to God

After the release of their previous album, We Won’t Be Afraid, Shofarband felt God clearly tell them to start a School of Worship, asking them, “What does worship that’s in Spirit and truth actually look like?” For two years they took a break from writing songs to wait on God, realign their hearts with His … Read more

#micdrop worship | A worship leader’s commentary on modern Christian music

by James Pringle Shofar Worship Leader Warning: this blog post originated as a Facebook tirade. Thankfully, the inflamed rhetoric has been reigned in and the adjective-to-noun ratio reduced, but the conviction and urgency remain. Reading through the Gospels, it’s not difficult to see that much of what Jesus said was counter-cultural. His wisdom turned cultural … Read more

Why Worship?

by Tamsyn Teppler Shofar HQ Music Coordinator Shofar Institute is currently in the process of revising the First Year Bible School modules. So we asked some of our contributors to share a bit about the modules they are working on. One of the first year modules being revised is Praise & Worship 101 – a … Read more