Shofar Institute: Short Courses 2017

By Sucelle Olivier & Tamsyn Teppler

We are very excited for this year’s four upcoming Short Courses. Each course will comprise of four days’ worth of teaching by reputable speakers. The first of these courses, A Place at the Table: Social Conflict in the Gospel of Luke, will take place from the 27th of February to the 2nd of March. It will address pressing social needs in South Africa today, elevate the social relevance of communion, and seek to navigate the ideological differences between social groups. In addition, the course will seek to help attendees develop critical thinking and Bible interpretation skills.

Thereafter, we look forward to an exciting course structured around Missiology, from 24-27 April. For those studying their Theology Honours through SATS, this course, as well as that of Old Testament Studies, will serve as enrichment towards those relevant modules. Our third course, Discipleship: From Self-Consciousness to Self-Awareness, will take place from 10-13 July. Finally, the Old Testament Studies Short Course will be hosted by Shofar Johannesburg from 4-7 September, in order to accommodate our northern congregations as well.

We hope through these courses to help equip attendees to be, as Pastor Hennie Swart often says, fruitful for the times and faithful to the text, fully living out our theme for this coming year: Being one – the mind, heart, hands, and feet of Christ.

Everyone has a theology – what is yours?

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