New Shofar Church Venues

We are so thankful for God’s provision that enabled us to invest in some new properties despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Shofar Somerset West and Support Centre: In 2021, Shofar Somerset West and Shofar Support Centre acquired a guest house consisting of two properties on the Main Road of Somerset West. The one … Read more

Mining Gold in the City of Grace

by Hennie Swart and Stefan Cronje Shofar Johannesburg Hennie: Most of the people who came to Johannesburg in its early years came here to find treasure, and so did I. Two things about the city of Johannesburg surprised me – the first was how suddenly God called me to Johannesburg and the second was how … Read more

Malawi: Looking back at 2016

In mid-October, a group from Shofar HQ (Franschhoek), Shofar Stellenbosch and Shofar UK embarked on an outreach to Malawi to continue the work which has been done at the Shofar Malawi Headquarters. While one group of the team set hand to the plough in building a secure wall around the Mangochi church, another group of … Read more

Letsgo 2017: Strategic missions

By Este Franken We have always been passionate about going to the nations and fulfilling the Great Commission. As you would have heard at Convergence, we are now migrating from cultural to apostolic space, specifically in our approach to missions. Therefore, we are becoming more intentional, relational and focused on how and where we send … Read more

Planted Europe Camp

Planted Among The Nations by Carlos Moses “Though I scattered them among the nations, yet in far countries they shall remember me, and with their children they shall live and return.” (Zechariah 10:9) We are planted among the nations to proclaim the promise of salvation. God wanted Israel to represent Him as Sovereign King among the nations … Read more

Shofar goes to Canada

by Hercules Opperman The mention of Canada always conjured up thoughts of a cold, distant place where South African medical professionals go to escape long hours in government hospitals. After having received the call to go to Canada for so many years (sounded by many Shofar members who moved abroad), we responded by visiting one … Read more

cyrus missions trust

TAX EXEMPT AND SECTION 18A APPROVED by Johann Hunter An application has been successfully made by Cyrus Missions Trust to the SARS for tax exemption, and importantly also for approval to issue section 18A certificates to donors (donations to PBO’s may only be deducted from a person or a company’s taxable income where that donation … Read more

let’s go london

by Carlos Moses (Shofar London) God, in all His wisdom, has always known how our church’s vision statement would intrigue and inspire me. How much I would come to be in love with it. In love with it – because the notion of reaching the nations fits my cosmopolitan heart like a glove. Intrigued by … Read more

coast 2 coast missions road trip dec 2015

It’s time to bring out your summer gear because Amplified is hosting another exciting coast 2 coast missions road trip up the South African coastline from 26 December to 1st of January! This year our Coast-2-Coast team will be heading up the coast from Hermanus to Port Elizabeth, doing outreaches in five different towns including … Read more

the harvest | malawi mission feedback

by Hercules Opperman Before returning home from Malawi, Ps. Henry Mkhomanya, leader of our Shofar Malawi churches shared a surprising testimony with me. He said that a local Muslim leader came to him during our visit asking why the white man builds for the black man and that it was probably costing a fortune. To which Ps. … Read more

malawi leadership training

by Anton Myburgh (Shofar Network) In May Heinrich Titus from Shofar Somerset West and I travelled to Mangochi in Malawi to train our Shofar Malawi pastors in presenting Foundation 1 and 2 and the leadership training module The Leader’s Battle. The ministry time was very fruitful and a lot of fun as well. In this photo Heinrich represents a church … Read more

a historical gathering in jerusalem

by Anton Myburgh (Shofar Network)   The Empowered21 Global Congress, which took place from 20 to 25 May, was the largest gathering of Spirit-filled believers in Jerusalem since the first outpouring of the Holy Spirit described in Acts 2 and a group of Shofar pastors and leaders joined 4,500 others from every continent, including more than 100 pastors from China, … Read more

leadership development weekends

by Hercules Opperman & Marionette van Deventer (Shofar Institute)   As we focus on the harvest campaign as a movement, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the enormous task of praying for more labourers to bring in the harvest and make disciples that can portray the glory of God through Christ­-like character. “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the labourers are … Read more

bringing in the harvest

by Richard Wade (Shofar Head Office) At the end of 2014, Shofar’s pastors gathered for the annual pastors’ summit at our Franschhoek campsite. Amongst other pressing matters, we talked about our church planting strategy and evaluated the process and successes up to that point. What came from these discussions was that we needed to slow … Read more

launching the shofar institute

by Marionette van Deventer (Shofar Institute)   Each one of us is shaped by what we’re exposed to, and the way this fallen world shapes us can make it hard to believe in God, submit to His ways and minister fruitfully. The Christian walk is a lifelong process of being formed into disciples who can love God with … Read more

going into the world

by Sias le Roux (head of Letsgo missions)   We’re very excited to be part of what God is doing throughout the world by raising up harvest teams to go into many nations to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s amazing to know that it’s still fresh and good news to a desperate, dying world. We’re … Read more

first years’ camp

by Mariette Loubser (Amplified) At the beginning of each academic year university towns are brimming with first year students, ready to make the most of their time on campus. It’s a time of adjustment – figuring out boundaries and enjoying new-found freedom. Which also makes it a potentially vulnerable time. That’s why our congregations who are based in campus towns, including … Read more

launching our school of worship

We’re very excited to launch our School of Worship – an opportunity for worship teams to become thoroughly equipped for ministry! The first cycle kicks off with a weekend retreat in Franschhoek, South Africa, where we connect with God and one another, followed by classes on Monday nights where we share in-depth on leading worship, building worship … Read more