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launching our school of worship

launching our school of worship

We’re very excited to launch our School of Worship – an opportunity for worship teams to become thoroughly equipped for ministry! The first cycle kicks off with a weekend retreat in Franschhoek, South Africa, where we connect with God and one another, followed by classes on Monday nights where we share in-depth on leading worship, building worship teams, musicianship, theology of worship, creativity, songwriting and recording.

For more info email James or visit www.shofarinstitute.org/worship. You can also register online.

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  1. Kenny Mokgope

    we are so fortunate here in south africa that God is going to raise such true worshipers in this country.May God reveal more about this ministry.

    i wish to converse with you telephonically ,just to share what the Lord is doing through me in this ministry of worship.



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