going into the world

by Sias le Roux (head of Letsgo missions)


We’re very excited to be part of what God is doing throughout the world by raising up harvest teams to go into many nations to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s amazing to know that it’s still fresh and good news to a desperate, dying world. We’re advancing the coming of the kingdom of God every time the name of Jesus is preached.

We stand amazed at what God has done over the past 21 years through ordinary individuals that respond to God’s call – countless people have gone out, sacrificing their time and resources. During June and July this year Shofar Stellenbosch is sending 270 people in 26 teams to 25 countries, while our other congregations are sending another 49 teams to 21 countries. (And these numbers don’t include local missions.)

Many of the countries are closed to the gospel. We’re privileged to have open doors in places like Vietnam, Laos and the Middle East and our hope is to help especially in countries where the Church is being persecuted.

Through the generosity of many who’ve been contributing financial and through prayer to our harvest campaign, we were also able to host a leadership conference for our Himalayan network of churches at the end of May, with a team of 20 pastors and leaders from Shofar congregations in South Africa and the UK joining them in northern India.

The pastors at the conference represented more than 200 churches (with some having as many as 2,000 members) and we’re trusting that we’ll reach more than 20 completely unreached tribes in the next five years.

We want to encourage everyone to go on a mission trip or to partner with us by praying or giving. Visit our Letsgo Facebook page for more info.

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