launching the shofar institute

by Marionette van Deventer (Shofar Institute)


Each one of us is shaped by what we’re exposed to, and the way this fallen world shapes us can make it hard to believe in God, submit to His ways and minister fruitfully. The Christian walk is a lifelong process of being formed into disciples who can love God with heart, soul, mind and strength and love others as ourselves (Mark 12:30­-31).

The Shofar Institute is a initiative that we’ve established to provide various schools through which this renewal can take place. We want to create an environment where leaders who are actively involved in their local church can be trained for ministry; leaders who are biblically informed, inwardly sanctified and practically skilled to give prophetic guidance to the Church in our current day and age.

Shofar Bible School
An informal three-year discipleship course for young and old, where students not only learn the basics of Christian doctrine but become doers of the Word.

School of Worship
During a weekend retreat, followed by eight evening sessions, students are equipped spiritually and practically to lead praise teams in their local congregations.

School of Theology
Previously known as the Stellenbosch Theological Institute, this school offers courses in applied theology which range from short courses in discipleship, advocacy and apologetics to accredited degrees in Theology. Its aim is to raise up reflective practitioners within missional communities who are able to minister both biblically and fruitfully.

School of Ministry
This school provides practical ministry training tailored for aspiring or existing full­time ministers. Courses include training for children’s church ministers, a ‘year ­of your ­life’ internship programme, MTP (Ministry Training Programme) and leadership training courses (an exciting new offering that will be presented in the different Shofar regions).

School of the Nations
Launched in 2015, this Cape Town ­based initiative aims to equip missionaries to minister effectively in an African context. Courses include a two-week short course and a three­-month internship.

These diverse platforms are united by a desire to train ministers who are both Word-­informed and Spirit-­inspired; who are able to apply God’s Word in their world to the benefit of both church and culture. It is this interplay between the Word and the Spirit that is essential to the Christian witness and, when one is emphasised at the expense of the other, it can result in lifeless religion or spiritual deception.

Our hope is to establish a campus in Franschhoek over the next few years where people from all across the world can be formed as fruitful ministers of the gospel of Christ. This endeavour is still in seed form, so we ask that you partner with us in prayer. May God grant us wisdom to raise up leaders for the Church who can behold Christ, submit to His ways and incarnate His purposes as stewards of His varied grace (1 Peter 4:10­-11).

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  1. Good day

    I would like to find out about applications for the shofar internship,what does it entail and what is expected of me,thats for 2016

    Yours in Christ
    Kegomoditswe Shoe Mogorosi
    KImberley(South Africa)

  2. Hi. My name is Anita, and I would like to join a shofar church in Cape town. I’m staying in Century city.
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