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To study theology is to study God, not for the sake of information but for transformation. When we study His Word in humility He comes to form Himself in us so that our lives can support the message that we bring.

The School of Theology exists to create opportunities for theological engagement; both through informal courses and formal academic programmes. We aim to develop ministers, thinkers, worshippers and scholars with the competence, character and courage to be faithful stewards of God’s Word in the Church and the world.

study theology through SATS

Shofar Institute is able to present prospective students the opportunity to study Theology through SATS (South African Theological Seminary).

Courses available

Shofar Institute students can study any SATS course up to Master’s Level. Please have a look at all available courses on SATS’ Prospectus for 2018. SATS Prospectus 2018

Cost 2018

Please refer to the SATS Prospectus for estimated costs.

How to Enrol

Students can enrol at any time of the year. Registration closes two weeks before the start of a new term: Term dates: Term 1 – 1 Feb to 30 Apr Term 2 – 1 May to 31 Jul Term 3 – 1 Aug to 31 Oct Term 4 – 1 Nov to 31 Jan Courses are presented on a cyclical basis and students will be able to enrol for the module that is currently being presented. Please refer to the TIMETABLE in the SATS Prospectus for information regarding course dates.

To enrol: Fill in and submit the applicable application form for the course you wish to study: Please note that you will need a certified copy of your ID (or Passport) and supportive documents at hand, before completing the application form.

  1. Stand Alone Courses (Individual modules)
  2. Cross Roads (Pre-Tertiary Education)
  3. Bachelor of Theology
  4. Higher Certificate in Christian Life
  5. Higher Certificate in Christian Counselling
  6. B. Th. Honours in Theology 7 Masters of Theology

our values

All of us are theologians, whether we are aware of it or not. Our very lives reflect our theology! The cure for ‘bad theology’ is not ‘no theology’, but ‘good theology.’  –  Dr Corné Bekker


Students learn to use the Bible as primary authoritative source for Christian faith and formation by

  • interpreting the text of the Bible through sound exegesis,
  • integrating the message of the Bible through biblical theology, and
  • implementing the requirements of the Bible through faithful execution.
Contextually Relevant

Students do research relevant to their context to facilitate proper application of acquired skills and knowledge in both church and society by a) interpreting the cultural context through critical analysis, b) integrating theory and practice through applied theology, and c) implementing research in church, community and work environments.

How to Enrol

The School of Theology gives students the opportunity to engage with the best of relevant modern scholarship through sound research and critical thinking by a) recruiting and developing staff who have sound academic qualifications and practical experience in relevant fields, b) developing a research centre where experts in different fields can critically engage on relevant topics, and c) encouraging lifelong learning and continuously improving Christian practice.

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