Church at the Beach: “what must we do to get saved?”

by Rayno Daschner (Shofar Rondebosch)

Every second year around the coast of South Africa we get together a team (or three) of adventurers that rock the beaches for Jesus!

This year we were particularly astounded at how hungry people are for both excellent heartfelt performances as well as heart-moving encounters with Christ. For example: in Hermanus we met a man who came up to the pre-event setup saying something to the effect of ‘what must one do to get saved?’. At another instance (at the same venue) a guy who responded to the call to commitment to Christ commented that he was initially disappointed because the event didn’t look like a “church event”. However, it ended up being ‘church’ as opposed to simply an event. James (Pringle) and the events team had tweaked the format of the event quite a bit, leading to more engagement with those who’ve had less experience with church. Earlier versions of the Coast2Coast tour was more focused on worship experiences; whereas we’ve now settled on much more of a wide array of God inspired performances. Strangely, this almost more direct approach really works for people of whatever musical, cultural and religious backgrounds. This was of course also due to the wide range of genres applied, anything from Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop Dance, African Gospel (Nations Band), Inspired Poetry, Grunge Rock, Shofarband (of course!) and even some tongue in cheek impersonations such as the so-called Jacobs Swan’s Shaggy cover of ‘Darling Angel’. And then we had the rock solid performances of the van der Merwe brothers (Fanie and Chris) and the usual powerful elements such as hilarious BUT real MC’s, and life changing testimonies.

The showcase style of the tour took nothing away from what will always be the main focus of this epic end-of-year outing: Church at the beach. Jesus changing lives.

One man’s story: “Two days ago, I called out to God that if He is real He must show himself to me”. Later that week on the evening of the event there was a call for individuals who have had considered suicide. He responded Jesus intervened and now the young man’s life is back on course. Not just for now in this life either; but for eternity!

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Gianina van Reenen joined our December 2015 Coast 2 Coast road trip as a performer. Take a look as she shares some of her experiences! (For more stories and testimonies, visit

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