New Shofar Church Venues

We are so thankful for God’s provision that enabled us to invest in some new properties despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Shofar Somerset West and Support Centre:

In 2021, Shofar Somerset West and Shofar Support Centre acquired a guest house consisting of two properties on the Main Road of Somerset West.

The one side is a coffee shop area currently used for children’s church on Sundays. Other building facilities on that side are also rented out as accommodation, a business, and a creche.

On the other side are the two teams’ offices and the Upper Room, a space for various church events such as Sunday services, Bible School lectures, and Encounter seminars.

Since the venue is located on Main Road, it is easily visible and accessible. Somerset West and Support Centre’s vision is for the venue to be a lighthouse and a bridge to the surrounding communities.

Shofar Bloemfontein:

Our congregation in Bloemfontein recently bought a house that they can use as their Sunday service venue. The venue also has a designated area for the children’s church.

Acquiring a permanent venue formed part of the process of replanting the congregation. In Bloemfontein, venues for churches are difficult to find, so being able to purchase this property was a huge blessing. This property is located near the family communities and schools in the city’s northern area. It is, therefore, an ideal location for reaching and serving the families in these communities.

With help from Shofar Secunda, certain areas in the house were modified for church services and children’s church. The property is in the process of being rezoned so that Bloemfontein can have church services there permanently. The venue will also be used for ministries such as Bible School as the church grows.


Mullerhof in Stellenbosch:

We have also seen God’s provision in Stellenbosch with the acquisition of the new Mullerhof venue earlier this year.

It serves as a second venue for Shofar Stellenbosch’s Sunday services and other weekly ministries such as Bible School and Encounter seminars.

Another primary function of Mullerhof is its support of local and international missions. Shofar Stellenbosch has always been a strong missional church, and this new venue has opened many new doors of opportunity. Currently, the venue provides accommodation and training for international mission teams. It is also here, at Mullerhof, where missionaries are sent to the nations to carry out the Great Commission of Jesus.

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  1. Shofar, will always be on my heart and I’m grateful to meet people like Ross, Sias, Jacko and many more. I’m forever grateful.
    Shofar deserve to grow from Glory to glory and it is need also in the high density surburbs


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