Heroes of the Bible/Helde van die Bybel

Noah’s ark. Abraham’s faith. Joseph’s dreams. Joshua, Deborah and Gideon’s courage. These larger-than-life figures’ stories come alive in Alida Bornman’s children’s book Heroes of the Bible, which is now going for its second print after its release last year.

Vividly illustrated by Lenka Cronjé, the book chronicles the stories of true heroes who trusted in God and led courageously.

Alida, a children’s church champion and mother of three, pastors the Shofar Worcester congregation together with her husband, Rick. A friend asked her to write down the way she tells Bible stories to her children and put it in book form to help other parents do the same. And so Heroes of the Bible was born, with a fresh new approach that makes these stories relevant to today’s children.

The primary purpose is to facilitate Holy Spirit-led Bible study in families, assisting parents in leaving a spiritual legacy for their children.

“With busy schedules and demanding lives, as parents we often neglect the spiritual journey we are supposed to walk with our children,” she says. “I’ve found it’s difficult for us to disciple our children.”

Considering the future challenges that the next generation will face, Alida believes it will be of utmost importance for children to be able to stand up in society and proclaim Christ as Lord of their lives. “Therefore it’s so important for us to invest enough time and energy to build them up spiritually.”

Heroes of the Bible is a tool for parents on this journey – to make Scripture real to their children and establish eternal truths in their hearts.

Notes in the text help parents have honest conversations with their children around topics such as obedience, trusting God and waiting for the fulfilment of His promises, as well as how these concepts play out practically in daily life. The lessons will challenge both parents and children: Can you give something precious away just as Abram gave Lot the best land? And how does this make you feel?

This approach takes these stories from the pages of the Bible and brings them into the child’s world. What did it look inside the ark? What did it smell and sound? Families are invited to pause and reflect on the small details that reveal God’s character, also laying a foundation for the children’s own Bible study as they grow up.

The book doesn’t shy away from difficult passages or skim over important details but makes them understandable. Alida encourages parents to not only share their good experiences with their children but to be real about the challenges they have faced and how following Christ costs something.

Through these conversations, parents will also gain an understanding of how their children experience God and His presence in their lives. Throughout the book, families are encouraged to pray together.

“Ask the Holy Spirit to help you, and allow Him to be the facilitator of the beautiful conversation happening between a child and a parent,” she says.

Editorial: The book is also available in Afrikaans as Helde van die Bybel. You can purchase the book (in either English or Afrikaans) here.

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