Shofar’s first church building project


It’s where the harsh Namib Desert meets the cold Atlantic Ocean. A unique town – unique in weather, unique in history, unique in this country. A place that people flock to for refreshing. Swakopmund!

So much of this town is a reflection of what the church is called to be: A beacon of hope, a lighthouse in darkness, a pillar of fire in a lost and dying world. Different people coming together for a common purpose – to know Him and to make Him known!

In this town, God planted a church that has a history beyond Shofar, one that became part of the Shofar family in 2007; a church that has a solid foundation of mature believers who laid a platform for the next generation to run on.

Now the call is even more urgent than before: Take My Word to the next generation. Allow My Spirit to touch you and transform you.

Shofar Swakopmund has received many prophetic promises waiting to be fulfilled in His perfect timing, promises that we will be:

A place of worship and celebration, where we can praise Him with joy and thanksgiving;
A hospital to the sick; where the thirsty come for living water, and the hungry are fed; where captives can be set free;
A place to rest, where souls can be restored by His grace and mercy;
A place where disciples are made, equipped and sent into the world to become fishers of men; where armies can be trained and equipped for His Kingdom;
A place of unity, where we can stand and be stronger together; and a platform for His labourers to work from – to serve, intercede and give; and
A megaphone for the Gospel of truth and hope to be proclaimed.
Now, in 2019, a dream is starting to come true for Shofar Swakopmund to have our own building, a physical place of celebration. We’re building our own church premises, which is not only a first for Shofar Christian Church globally, but also a prophetic act and first fruit of more to come.

It is unknown territory, but we stand in awe of God’s faithfulness. Namibia is going through the worst drought in years and the economy is in a critical state, yet in the midst of this, God continues to build His church and this project will be a display of a God who does immeasurably more than what we can think or imagine, so that all glory will belong to Him.

We want to share this journey of sowing and harvesting with you and ask you to walk with us. Some might be called to walk with us in prayer, while others may feel to sow into this ground.

The project started out with a budget that was much higher than what we had, but we have seen His provision through many people who have already given sacrificially and faithfully, as well as creative fundraising.

The total cost of the first phase of the project is N$10 million (R10 million). With a contribution of N$4 million from our own region, we are trusting to raise the rest. We are very aware of our dependence on Him, and He is able to multiply the little bit that we have.

If all goes according to plan, our main building will be finished in February 2020. Should you feel led to become part of this journey or would like to contribute, please support the campaign on the Shofar Giving page.

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