Where is the love?

This year our journey starts with one crucial question. It’s a question that resonates in the hearts of so many of us.

It’s a question that resonates in the hearts of so many of us. Throughout the ages, as we’re constantly confronted with false images of love that have been watered down, rendered powerless and corrupted, defining love has proved to be one of man’s most iconic searches.

Today, we are faced with so much confusion as the world fights to establish a status quo far removed from God’s intended plan for humanity. The weighty challenge we as Christians are faced with is to bring peace, hope, wisdom and answers to a disruptive landscape. So we endeavor, we pursue, we wrestle, we teach, we guide, we build, we gather, trying to understand love and making every effort to be what we imagine the “good Christian” to be.

Yet, amidst the strokes of this overwhelmingly big picture, if we choose to listen closely to the words of Christ, we hear Him calling us to live as He did. We know Christ is love, the fulfillment of the law. But where are we in relation to Him? And the world around us?

We are sojourners in this world; in it but not of it. And we know that, in the light of what God has done for us, we are supposed to love one another. But we also know it’s not as easy as it sounds. So we find ourselves asking questions like:

What does the Bible really say about love?
Where does love flow in our communities?
How do we show our families that we love them?
How do we love people we have nothing in common with?

Love is not afraid to be honest. Love is not afraid to ask the tough questions. It is time to break through religious jargon and isolated spirituality. It is time to approach the demands, passions, priorities and joys of love with humility and courage.

So we journey together to answer this crucial question,


Join us for our global conference Convergence from 29 September to 1 October at Paarl Gimnasium, Paarl in Western Cape.

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