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Dewald Robinson

The youth today is a generation so different and so connected to the world. Our vision is to see them filter through these connections, to enable them to find their true identity which is in Christ and to experience the freedom and love we have in Jesus. It is our prayer that they would experience real love. 

Joburg’s youth is a very diverse group of people from all backgrounds and ethnic groups. Our hearts as Youth Leaders is to bring a unity that can bind their hearts together in Christ. We believe that this generation is called to be the people that will facilitate God’s glory in the years to come, and that we need to equip them for the tasks that are ahead. We want the Youth of Shofar Johannesburg to be saturated in the Word of God so that they can be disciple makers wherever God may lead them.

We want to equip them with a heart for people, passion for the Word and a love for the church:

  • We want to instill a heart for people in our Youth, showing them and teaching them how to love people the way Jesus did in every aspect of our lives. No matter where Jesus found Himself He loved the people and had compassion on them. We see His heart for the people in everything that He did.
  • A passion for the Word, to be so soaked in God’s Word that they can face many trials knowing His truth. In this age of technology and every possible temptation at a touch of a button, we want the Youth to know how to fight the battles that come across their paths. The only way to use the sword of the Spirit is by knowing the Word of God.
  • Lastly, a love for the church, we are made for community and we encourage our Youth to be a part of the community – to do life together. The enemy can conquer someone walking alone so much easier than someone walking in community. It is a place where bonds are strengthened and lies are exposed for what they are. It is in community that we become stronger and more confident in who we are in God.

Just think of the impact the youth of the world can have in the generations to come if they have a love for people, a passion for the Word, and a love for community. We will see God move in even greater ways than what we can imagine. I cannot wait for the testimonies to come – just to see and hear how God uses the youth – not only in the future, but today as well. 

**We meet every 2nd Friday at Roosevelt High School. If you would like to know more or you would like to join, please feel free to email me at 


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