The Encounter Series

by André Kruger Shofar East London We are excited to introduce the new Shofar Encounter Series with a fresh look, updated content, and a big focus on each participant encountering the love of God. The previous Foundation series served us faithfully over the years, but was in need of an update. The new Encounters are … Read more

Miracles and Medicine: Is it one or the other?

by André Kruger Pastor of Shofar East London I recently spoke to a Christian man who has been visiting our church for a month or two. He told me that he was blown away by the faith he experienced with us, that we would believe God to heal people miraculously in our church services. He … Read more

Increasing Heaven’s Flow

by André Kruger 20 years ago, I became a believer. Since then, not a day went by that I didn’t fully believe that God was all-powerful, able to do anything. However, around 4 years ago, my wife and I were confronted with the realisation that although we believed in the power of God, we never experienced … Read more

ask the pastor | i can only do one church ‘thing’ – what should I choose?

In our Ask the Pastor series we ask questions about being Christians, church members and family. Sias le Roux from Shofar Stellenbosch and André Kruger from Shofar East London answer, “I can only do one extra church ‘thing’ apart from Sunday services and small group. What should I choose?” can’t be loaded because JavaScript is … Read more