Convergence 2016 – Being One

The body of Christ, His Church, is like a journey on a train; where its doors open to take the hurting, broken and lost aboard. Our stories may not all be the same, but as we embrace our oneness, they converge – to become a beautiful narrative of shared experience and togetherness.

Christ Himself is our journey guide, helping us to migrate from dark space, into light – where we discover His grace that conforms us to His image. This train stops often to shelter a burgeoning community that encourages, inspires and nurtures one another, becoming immersed in His affection  for, and through, us.

However, the journey in itself is not our ultimate destiny. Rather, we’re called to disembark at its many life-stations to be witnesses of His love and glory and to serve His redemptive purpose – ignited by His heartbeat as our minds are becoming transformed by, and embedded in, His Word. We seek to equip and empower vigorously but gently, extending caring hands that envelop, cherish and embrace.

We will celebrate BEING ONE – with and in Christ – at our Convergence 2016 Conference to be held at Ratanga Junction, Century City in Cape Town from 30 September to 2 October. We look forward to sharing this God-encounter with you.

For more information on our conference and how to register visit our website.

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