leadership development weekends

by Hercules Opperman & Marionette van Deventer (Shofar Institute)   As we focus on the harvest campaign as a movement, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the enormous task of praying for more labourers to bring in the harvest and make disciples that can portray the glory of God through Christ­-like character. “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the labourers are … Read more

launching the shofar institute

by Marionette van Deventer (Shofar Institute)   Each one of us is shaped by what we’re exposed to, and the way this fallen world shapes us can make it hard to believe in God, submit to His ways and minister fruitfully. The Christian walk is a lifelong process of being formed into disciples who can love God with … Read more

is God like christian grey?

by Marionette van Deventer (Shofar Stellenbosch)   I can’t claim to have the kind of body that looks good in a bikini. (Yes, I know. You’re wondering where this is going.) Although I enjoy swimming, for quite a while I wasn’t willing to set foot on a beach because of the deep sense of social … Read more