When Intimacy Hurts

by Ross van Niekerk Pastor of Shofar Durbanville Recent studies show an alarming increase in “sexless marriages” – in fact, The Times reported that more than 21 000 people search for help on this monthly via Google, outnumbering searches such as “unhappy marriage” and “loveless marriage”. The phrase “sexless marriage” refers to couples having sex … Read more

Slow Down You Need to Fast

by Ross van Niekerk Pastor of Shofar Durbanville But fasting is not only prescribed for its health benefits; it is rightfully still thought of as a spiritual exercise or discipline.  Yet in our high-paced consumerist society, this ancient discipline is not frequently practiced. So why should Christians fast? What is the promise behind this self-denying … Read more

ask the pastor | how do I become connected in church?

In our Ask the Pastor series we’ve asked questions about being Christians, church members and family. Ross van Niekerk from Shofar Durbanville and Anton Myburgh from Shofar’s head office answer, “How do I become connected in church?” https://youtu.be/EvzgYrrBxXMVideo can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: ask the pastor ross & anton (https://youtu.be/EvzgYrrBxXM)