going into the world

by Sias le Roux (head of Letsgo missions)   We’re very excited to be part of what God is doing throughout the world by raising up harvest teams to go into many nations to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s amazing to know that it’s still fresh and good news to a desperate, dying world. We’re … Read more

ask the pastor | i can only do one church ‘thing’ – what should I choose?

In our Ask the Pastor series we ask questions about being Christians, church members and family. Sias le Roux from Shofar Stellenbosch and André Kruger from Shofar East London answer, “I can only do one extra church ‘thing’ apart from Sunday services and small group. What should I choose?” https://youtu.be/oRP7JW2pAVMVideo can’t be loaded because JavaScript is … Read more