New Shofar Church Venues

We are so thankful for God’s provision that enabled us to invest in some new properties despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Shofar Somerset West and Support Centre: In 2021, Shofar Somerset West and Shofar Support Centre acquired a guest house consisting of two properties on the Main Road of Somerset West. The one … Read more

Christians and the Covid-19 vaccine debate

Are we puffed up with knowledge, or do we build up with love? By Andries van der Merwe, Amo O’Kennedy, Phillip Boshoff, and Heinrich Titus   The controversy surrounding Covid-19 vaccines has turned families and friends against each other, and social media into a battlefield. You are either for or against the vaccines, with very … Read more

The Heart of the Matter

by HEINRICH TITUS Senior Pastor of Shofar Christian Church At the recent Pastors Summit, we spoke about church growth with the assurance that God is always into growth. He loves growth, it’s a natural outflow of life. Wherever there is life, there is growth. Church doesn’t only happen on a Sunday, but Sundays are important, … Read more

ask the pastor | how can I reach the nations?

In our Ask the Pastor series we ask questions about being Christians, church members and family. Heinrich Titus from Shofar Somerset West and Theuns Jacobs from Shofar Cape Town answer, “How can I, as an average church member, reach the nations?” can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: ask the pastor heinrich & theuns … Read more